Audio Equipment For Parties and Events

We offer a wide range of audio equipment for hire. Juke boxes, speakers, karaoke systems, amplifiers, DJ mixers, microphones and audio accessories. We can help you make sure the sound quality is perfect at your next party or event .

Audio Equipment Range

Juke Boxes

Rocola, Music Maker, Purple Love, Mini Blue and Mini. Ranging from R900 to R2000 per day


We have a range of speakers, speaker cables and speaker stands. Ranging from R110 to R850 per day


We have a range of karaoke systems . Ranging from R1800 to R2800 per day


We have a range of amplifiers. Ranging from R300 to R750 per day

DJ Mixers

We have a range of Dj Mixers and Headphones . Ranging from R200 to R500 per day


We have a range of microphones, cables and stands . Ranging from R80 to R400 per day

We Can Help You Make A Success Of Your Next Event

We have a large range of equipment for hire, and can cater to a small home function, right through to an engagement party, a wedding, a corporate function, a fair, festival or a large scale event.