Hire Led Par Cans / Kits For Parties and Events

We offer a wide range of LED Par Cans and Kits that will make your next party or event an unforgettable experience.

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Please note that all prices are based on a per day rental.  Delivery and collection costs are added depending on your location within the Gauteng region.

BAC404 LED Spot

BFP120 FlatPAR

BPP205 LED Par

BT300 FlatPAR

FlatPAR 7x 18W

FlatPAR 36x 1W

FlatPAR 186x 10mm UV

PAR 36 DMX Black

PS12W Pin Spot

Astro Parbar 4x 20W

LED Parbar Kit 186x

BAC406 LED Spot

BFP130 FlatPAR

BPP210 LED Par

BT310 FlatPAR

FlatPAR 12x 3W

FlatPAR 154x 10mm

LED Par 64 36x 1W

Par 36 Spot 55x UV

PS6W Pin Spot White

LED Parbar Kit 7x 10W

Light Stand Adjust 25kgs

BFP110 FlatPAR

BPP200 LED Par

BPP220 LED Par

FlatPAR 7x 15W

FlatPAR 18x 1W

FlatPAR 186x 10mm

LED Par 64 176x 10mm

Par 36 Spot White

PS6WB Pin Spot 6W

LED Parbar Kit 18x 1W

We Can Help You Make A Success Of Your Next Event

We have a large range of equipment for hire, and can cater to a small home function, right through to an engagement party, a wedding, a corporate function, a fair, festival or a large scale event.