Hire Smoke Machine For Parties and Events

A smoke machine will make your next party or event an unforgettable experience.

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Please note that all prices are based on a per day rental.  Delivery and collection costs are added depending on your location within the Gauteng region.

Smoke Machine 1

Tf-400w Fog Machine Mini 400w With Remote Control

S500 Plastic Smoke

S700-JB Smoke

S700-LS Smoke

S1500 Smoke Machine

Smoke Fluid 5L

Smoke Machine Cleaning Fluid 250ml

Specially designed fluid for cleaning the mechanical parts of smoke machines

Smoke Machine 2

Tf-1200w Fog Machine 1200w With Remote Control

S500PC transparent

S700-LED Smoke

S900 Smoke Machine

S1800 Smoke Machine

Smoke Fluid 1L

Fragrance for 5 litres of smoke fluid

Smoke Liquid

Tf-20 Fog Liquid 5l
Regular Cherry/Lotus

S700 Smoke

S700LED Smoke

S1200 MKII Smoke

S2000 Smoke Machine

Smoke Fluid 250ml

We Can Help You Make A Success Of Your Next Event

We have a large range of equipment for hire, and can cater to a small home function, right through to an engagement party, a wedding, a corporate function, a fair, festival or a large scale event.